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Solar PV


Your home, powered by the sun.

Save over £500 a year on your energy bills¹ with solar panels from Greater London's Solar PV installer of the year.²


Greater London Regional Energy Efficiency Awards

Solar PV Installer of the Year


Discover the benefits of a Solar PV system from Carbon Rewind - your ticket to cutting your energy bills and shrinking your carbon footprint. Our team of experts will turn your dream into a reality with a bespoke system designed to suit your household's energy needs.

Lower your energy bills

Reduce your carbon footprint

Unleash energy independence

Contribute to a greener future


We believe renewable energy will help pave the way towards a more sustainable, greener future. Our expertly installed Solar PV and battery storage systems offer innovative solutions that not only lower your carbon footprint but also provide long-term energy independence and cost savings.

How Solar Panels Work

At the heart of your Solar PV system are thousands of photovoltaic cells, made of silicon, which make up each solar panel. When sunlight strikes these cells - even on cloudy days - it excites the electrons within them, initiating a flow of direct current (DC) power. As our homes run on alternating current (AC), an inverter takes this energy and converts it into power we can use. The amount of energy your system will produce is determined by its number of panels and levels of sun exposure. A greater number of panels will allow you to produce more energy and save more money on your bills. 

Each Solar PV system comprises of your chosen number of panels, a mounting system, an inverter, an export meter and any chosen system add-ons.

All of our installations come with data logging as standard allowing you to monitor your system and its energy production online or on the go at any time.

Energy Storage and Add-Ons

Excess energy produced by your Solar PV system can be stored for later with battery storage, a smart way to increase bill savings even further. Your system can store excess energy produced in batteries, which are seamlessly drawn from at times of low to no energy production, such as at night or on cloudy days, further reducing your reliance on power from the grid. And with a power diverter, you can even use excess energy for things such as heating hot water, taking your annual bills savings to over £600³.

Request a quote today.

Unlock the boundless potential of solar energy for your home. Request a quote now and embark on a transformative journey towards clean and renewable power.

We understand that no two homes are the same. That's why our team of experts works closely with you to design and install a Solar PV system that suits both your property, and your energy goals. Our personalised approach ensures you get the most out of your investment, optimising energy production and storage to suit your needs.

¹Annual savings estimate based on average 'home all day' energy usage for a property in London with an average Solar PV system and Smart Export Guarantee tariff.

Energy Saving Trust, August 2023. 

²Carbon Rewind, Solar PV Installer/Contractor of the Year, Greater London Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2023.

³Annual savings estimate for a property in London, based on average 'home all day' energy usage for a gas heated, 4 bedroom detached property in the UK with a hot water cylinder and PV diverter (immersion run directly off surplus PV generation) plus Smart Export Guarantee tariff.

Energy Saving Trust, August 2023.

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