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Heating Systems

Many homes in the UK are being heated with old and relatively inefficient systems, resulting in wasted energy, costly energy bills and high levels of carbon emissions.

We install a range of modern and efficient heating systems, including air source heat pumps, electric storage heaters and condensing gas boilers. 

Our services also include the installation of First Time Central Heating in properties with no prior heating system in place, consisting of a gas boiler and radiators. In such cases an extension to the mains gas network can be required, so we would generally combine multiple funding streams to make the project viable.

All of our heating solutions can be covered by grant funding, where the resident is eligible. Please get in touch to find out what you might qualify for.

Our installations are covered by a warranty of up to 10 years, depending on the system and manufacturer.

Cavity Wall

Internal Wall



External Wall

Flat Roof

"I can't tell you how happy I am as a result of a central heating system fully installed and working. I am as happy as I was miserable, and no words can explain my gratitude. A massive thank you to everyone who has had a hand in making it possible."


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