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Solar Together

Discover the benefits of group buying.

We're proud to work with Solar Together to deliver great value renewable energy systems for households in the South East.

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Our Offering

This scheme provides you with a high quality solar installation at great value, including the following components:


  1. High output JA Solar 395W panels

  2. Robust mounting system

  3. Solis inverter appropriate to your needs

  4. High quality Pylon batteries if storage is required

  5. Performance monitoring via WiFi

Scaffolding and all electrical works are included in the pricing and there are no hidden costs.


Optional extras include pigeon guarding, EV charging and a power divertor for immersion heating.

Datasheets for the products we install on the Solar Together scheme are available here:

We are currently working on delivery of the scheme in Buckinghamshire, installing solar systems to up to 700 households as part of a wider scheme operated by Solar Together.

To find out if there is an upcoming scheme in your area, please visit the Solar Together website here.

If there is no Solar Together scheme in your area at the moment, please do feel free to contact us directly and we would be happy to assess your requirements and provide you with a quotation for a PV system.

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